How to Find (or Sell) a House That Keeps Pets Happy

Woman and her pets at home

Homebuilders have discovered that the family pet is a part of the conversation when buyers are shopping for the perfect home. Some have started accommodating that with both with built-in features – like a doggie den inserted into the underside of stairs – or other amenities that pet lovers favor.

Here is a list of what buyers say they want in a pet-friendly home. Sellers who have a house for sale that fits many of these criteria should include that list in the home’s marketing materials as it might not be obvious to buyers. And buyers can use the list below to ensure they’re getting a place that will also suit Fido or Fluffy.

Pet-Friendly Features Inside the House

Pets in the home

  • Built-in spaces for pets, like built-in dens under the stairs. If the home has places large enough for pets that can be closed off with door gates, like the laundry room or mud room.
  • Ample storage space for pet supplies, like food, toys, and grooming equipment.
  • Dog owners want the most, as dogs need more space and exercise and can get into more things they shouldn’t.
  • Easy-to-clean floors. Carpets and rugs are the hardest to clean up “accidents,” while laminates are about the easiest and won’t break the bank. Color also should be considered as some show dirt and paw prints much easier and more boldly. Think easy to clean, hard to stain.
  • A pet door or some convenient place in the house for a pet door leading to the back or side yard.

Pet-Friendly Features Outside the House

On the patio with the pets

  • A bigger, better back yard
  • That room to roam is impossible to add later, so those families with big, active dogs might consider this a must-have from the beginning.
  • Safe landscaping, including fencing complete and high enough to keep them in, non-toxic plants and grass or some surface that’s easy on their feet. Dogs love grass and even artificial turf.
  • A dog run on the side of the house or another enclosure that lets pets play without a leash and can separate them from visitors and large gatherings.

Pet-Friendly Features In or Near the Neighborhood

Walking the dogs in the neighborhood

  • A dog park nearby makes it easy to give Rover the exercise and fun time he needs. Absent that, some other nearby space where the dog can run and socialize.
  • Walking trails in the development would be a plus for daily strolls and exercise. If not a dedicated trail, are there internal streets and sidewalks that would accommodate that.
  • Pet businesses like a Pet Smart, veterinarian, and grooming salons would be helpful.
  • Check HOA restrictions to make sure nothing prevents anything you really like to do with the pet or additions to your house or yard to accommodate them.
  • Cruise the neighborhood in a couple of mornings to see if people there walk their dogs, indicating a pet-friendly community. Another good sign is a station holding poop bags next to a disposal can. That tells you they welcome pets here.

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